The Marriage Between Brand Positioning and Startup Ideas: A blog about how you can build a market for an untested product.

Many entrepreneurs overestimate the need for customer validation. They think that their startup idea should be seen as a tested commodity – something that the market should automatically respond to if it is good enough. But what if you can’t test the idea at the beginning of the process? What if you need to do it later? What if this process takes a long enough time to launch your startup?
This blog will look at why you need to start by building a market for your product, who your target customers are, and what your brand should be.

Building market around your product

Explain why your product is not being validated, how you are trying to market this product, and what tactics you are using to market your product. So, for example, you could say that you have a completed product that is not being validated because you are having trouble marketing it. The reason being that the product is revolutionary, but the marketing tactics are not working out, etc.

The best way to go about this is to start making connections with other businesses, organizations, and companies. By building relationships, you can make valuable connections with people with who you can partner for mutual gain. Try attending events and conferences where you can network with people one-on-one, or set up shop at a farmer’s market or flea market to meet people face-to-face. The more people you meet, the more your business will grow!

Finding target audience

Brand positioning

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