What Archetype Do you Fall Under?

What kind of personality does your brand have? What are you trying to convey to your audience? To answer this question, you need to know your brand and how you want to portray it. Do you want to come across as friendly? Playful? Sassy? Serious? The answers to these questions will determine how you want your brand to be portrayed to the audience. The best way to do this is to ask yourself what kind of interactions you want to have with the audience.

Let’s see some archetypes examples, so you can decide where you fit in

Brand Archetype


Caregiver – Mother Teresa

As the word suggests, the caregiver is truly a selfless individual. They are driven by a desire to protect and care for others. In their own way, they’re like superheroes! Their motto is: “Love your neighbour as yourself.” As a caregiver, one must keep in mind that their job is all about truly valuing the people they’re taking care of. Think of them as your children and you should feel immediately compelled to work on treating them like family – not slaves or employees. Being driven by an inner need rather than money, to watch over others.

In branding, the Caregiver archetype is best for –

  • Education
  • Health care
  • Non profits

The character of the Caregiver archetype is a perfect fit for brands that help those in need, make their customers feel secure, protected and cared for.

Famous brands that use the Caregiver archetype:

And although TOMS shoes is a profitable brand, the business model is based around helping people.


Ruler – Tony stark in MCU

The Ruler knows that the best thing to do to avoid chaos is to take control. The Ruler has the highest authority in the surrounding. He is respected by all and has the full faith of the people. He organizes his army(staff) and tells them whom to take. He is in charge of representing the country’s(organization) people. A Ruler is a good man who lives with the masses. He is a good leader who understands what’s best for the people of the country and does everything in his power to bring order to chaos.

The Ruler is the boss, the leader, the corporate CEO, the parent, role model, manager, or anyone with a commanding and authoritative manner.

In branding, the Ruler archetype is best for:

  • Luxury Cars
  • Watches
  • Upscale Hotels

To resonate with a ruler your brand should exert its leadership and demonstrate its superiority.

Famous brands that use the Ruler archetype:


Creator – Picasso

The Creator can be described as someone who specializes in shaping the experiences of a target audience. A Creator will always draw upon their own personal experiences, memories, or imagination when it comes to creating new products and services as this intersection is where they feel most inspired. ​There are many different types of creators. They simply all have one thing in common – their passion and joy for creating something out of nothing. The Creator archetype is a fundamental force in the universe. They are found within an individual who has the will to try and bring something new into existence, whether that be directly utilizing an external medium or not. They are like lightning because they have the power to strike down ideas without warning and create things from whole cloth with just one flash of passion, no matter how ridiculous it may seem on its surface.

The Creator’s core desire is to create something of enduring value. And they fear having a mediocre vision or execution.

In branding, the Creator archetype is best for:

  • Art / Design
  • Technology
  • Marketing

Creator brands tend to have loyal followers because they often inspire their customers to be better creatives themselves.

Famous brands that use the Creator archetype:


Innocent – Forest Gump

The Innocent is a personality type who is optimistic about life. They believe that life is meant to be fun and that there is no reason to be down in the dumps all the time. They see life for what it is, a beautiful journey that is filled with beautiful experiences. They are very expressive and like to have fun. They love to laugh and make others laugh. If an Innocent walks into a room, you can expect laughter to follow.

In branding, the Innocent archetype is best for:

  • Beauty
  • Skin Care
  • Fresh food

Famous brands that use the Innocent archetype:

Aveeno and Dove are both skincare products that promote natural ingredients and simplicity. They also adopt a simplistic persona that represents women more naturally.


Sage – Swami Vivekanand

The people known as the Sage are an elite group of philosophers or intellectuals who study esoteric topics of the universe and the human mind. The Sage is enthralled by the mysteries of the universe. They search for the meaning of life through teachings and ideas that are thousands of years old. They seek to find answers to the meaning of life and the role of the human being in the world.

The Sage’s core desire is the discovery of truth.

And they fear ignorance and being duped or misled.

In branding, the Sage archetype is best for:

  • News Networks
  • Schools / Universities
  • Consultancies

Famous brands that use the Sage archetype:

Google has become the biggest source of knowledge but they rarely provide this knowledge rather they are the guide to their audience to find the answers that they need.


Explorer – Indiana Jones

The Explorer has this thirst for discovery and to connect with nature. Their motto is: “You only get one life. Make it count.” Explorer’s are the eternal wanderers, the big dreamers, the explorers at heart. It usually takes an event in their life to move them and inspire change. They are the ones who are happiest when they’re travelling and experiencing new things. They are the ones who take photos and write in journals. They don’t like to sit still for too long. They have a deep appreciation for everything. They don’t waste time. They appreciate travel, new experiences, the outdoors, and a new adventure. Everyone should be more like the Explorer!

Also maybe known as the seeker, adventurer, wanderer, individualist or rebel.

In branding, the Explorer archetype is best for:

  • Auto (SUV)
  • Outdoor Equipment
  • Adventure Travel

Famous brands that use the Explorer archetype:


creative-branding-agency-in-india - ADS
Outlaws – Robinhood

The Outlaws are an association of freedom-loving individuals who want to enjoy life without being dictated by “The Man.” Their goal is to live life to the fullest and not adhere to any rules. They enforce their own moral code and teach others to do the same. The Outlaw has something special to it. It’s not something that a lot of people like, but there are a few who will always love the Outlaw. The Outlaw is all about doing what you want, no matter what anyone says. You don’t want to limit yourself to rules, you want to make your own rules!

In branding, the Outlaw archetype is best for:

  • Auto / Moto
  • Construction
  • Body Art

Famous brands that use the Outlaw archetype:

Harley Davidson is the typical outlaw brand and probably the most focused archetypal personality that there is.


Magician – Gandalf

The Magician is a free thinker. They have a limitless imagination. Everything else is possible to them. The Magician’s have dreams that other people see as impossible. They have a motto is: Anything can happen! Magic is the technology for making dreams come true.

Magicians see the world in a different light. They don’t see the sky as the limit. They see the sky as a potential stage for a great magic performance. Magicians have learned to beat the odds. There is nothing impossible for them.

Also known as the visionary, catalyst, innovator, charismatic leader, mediator, shaman, healer, or medicine man or woman.

In branding, the Magician archetype is best for:

  • Entertainment
  • Beauty
  • Health

And any brand that delivers some kind of element of mystery or mystique.

Famous brands that use the Magician archetype:

Disney is the typical brand when it comes to all things magical.


Hero – Captain America

The hero is passionate about life and makes friends with everyone he meets. When he hears of the need for a hero, he is ready to answer the call and save the world. This is where a hero is born. He uses his strength, wit, and amazing skill set to help people who have helped him along the way. The world needs heroes and the hero will not let them down.

In branding, the Hero archetype is best for:

  • Sportswear
  • Outdoor
  • Equipment

Famous brands that use the Hero archetype:


Lover –
Ryan Gosling as Sebastian in La La Land

The lover is all about being in a relationship with the people, the work, the experiences, the surroundings they love. Their motto is: “I only have eyes for you.”

They are known as partners, friends, intimates, matchmakers, enthusiasts, connoisseurs, sensualists, spouses, team builders, harmonizers. The lover’s main desire is to attain intimacy and experience sensual pleasure.

In branding, the Lover archetype is best for:

  • Cosmetics
  • Jewelry
  • Fashion

Any brand that implicitly promises beauty and sexual appeal is a Lover brand.

Famous brands that use the Lover archetype:


Jester – Jim Carrey in ace ventura

The main focus of the Jester is having fun and doing what makes you happy. They are known for their sense of humour in their actions and can also be a bit of a prankster. They also tend to not be restricted by social norms and don’t care what others think. They are a wildcard and you never really know what they might do.

In branding, the Jester archetype is best for:

  • Confectionery
  • Child Entertainment
  • Beer Brands

Famous brands that use the Jester archetype:

Jester and humour in general are best suited for men especially if the brands are associated in any way with having a good time.


Everyman – steve smith in “the pursuit of happiness”

There are many virtues to being an everyman, but perhaps the most important one is the fact that they have the freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want. They have the freedom to do what they want when they want. This includes going to the park or beach, or even wherever they feel like it. The everyman is also someone who is very approachable. They are someone you can talk to and have a conversation with.

People who are considered the Everyman are those who are normal, down to Earth, and humble. The Everyman is an average person whom others can relate to. They are not rich or famous. In contrast, the Everyman is the average Joe that is a regular person in our society.

In branding, the Everyman archetype is best for:

  • Home / Family
  • Everyday Apparel
  • Family Auto

Famous brands that use the Everyman archetype:

These brands are usually affordable when it comes to pricing and they just fill some basic needs.